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Coup of the Month

I went to the thrift store today to cheer myself up - can you be a little sick? That is what I am, and in anticipation of bad news I went shopping. Scored a Cooke St and another Hawaiian brand shirt for 90 cents each, and in my CW, which in Paleo is my current weight. If you must know I am around 200 and trying for around 150 to 160. Any less than that and I look anemic.
On my way to the cash register some craft equipment caught my eye (can you say round paper for round zentangles?), and then I looked around, because you never know, right?
I saw this:

Which on Amazon is $149.99 and according to the sticker on the box cost its former owner $129.95. But the folks at the thrift store have not seen such things, and so they thought it was like an orange juicer, which can be had for $20 if you're lucky. These guys are inveterate price gougers so it serves them right. Last time I was there they had a Jack Lalane juicer in acceptable condition but without the wrench. It was $29 or something like that.

This guy they had for $6.96. The only thing missing is the literature and the tamper. I squoze my salad with no trouble. I got some Kamut - believe it or not, from Target - and I already have a homemade wheatgrass plot. I'm going to buy some flats to last until I get the homegrown stuff growing. Since I need to be gluten free, I need to make my own wheatgrass. I can't otherwise guarantee that a few grains got put in with the grass.

Since I name all my toys, I'll have to think of one for this guy. He's a commercial use juicer and weighs 9 pounds. I am going to try him with some apples next. And maybe I will try an orange. He won't do well with that since he's a masticating juicer, but the orange will help flavor the salad, which right now is strongly spinach dominant.


Dollar Bill Cicadas

No angst today.

I made these 1/4 size cicadas from John Montroll's book by folding my dollar into 1/4 size and then following the same instructions as for the larger version. The quarter is both for reference and pun.
Dollar bill cicadas


Zentangle is not new

I can't understand why the hoopla. This is illumination. It's not even less abstract. There are even modern versions. Check out the movie "Yellow Submarine" for zentangles throughout the movie. Want more modern? Check out the cartoon "Chowder." I'm sure there are more examples.

So why are these folks selling it and treating it like a religion?

I should shut up now.


Kittens Live

Can't believe I forgot to post the video.

Skunk 'n Boots, the one with the white striped nose, died yesterday morning of multiple issues. Of the others Doom Kitty (black), Daria (tortoise with an attitude) and Fuzz (grey tiger/tortoise) still have colds. Bigfoot (grey tiger) and Hero (orange) are well on the road to recovery. Daria is spoken for.


Houston, we have a problem....

So this morning I went out to feed Streaky, who has two kittens left after the bad storms we had. The two are indoors trying to recover from upper respiratory infections.

Our feral. Fuzz, seemed to have lost her litter, but when I went out, guess what? There was a little black kitten installed where Streaky had had her kittens. Ugh, I thought, but at least he's cute.

I went out on errands and brought back kitten chow. Went to check on the black kitten. Wrong. Here's what I found in the box:

Black kitten
Orange Tiger
Grey Tiger
Grey Tiger
Fearsome Tortoise Shell
Black kitten with a white nose and four white boots.

I don't know, so don't ask. We haven't been feeding her as much as we were feeding Streaky.
We have to catch and fix this cat. If Fearsome (now her name) will let us anywhere near.

Fearsome attempted to claw the heck out of my hand. She raised up on her hind legs and took a swipe when I held my hand higher. Probably they could hear her hiss two doors down. The others are just getting their blue eyes; Fearsome already can see.

I managed to pick up the two black ones and one of the grey tigers. Fuzz doesn't care as long as she gets kitten chow. I will try to get pics.

My partner, who doesn't want to be deathly ill from cat dander is going to have kittens.


Adventures with Wheatgrass

My mom had me order a juicer for her, and of course, I did my homework too. I decided I didn't want to invest in something I would not use. She gave me a juicer long ago and it made an ungodly noise in addition to a big mess. But while I was looking for hers I saw an auger style juicer. I was intrigued, because they tend mainly to be for leafy things, and I am a saladoholic. And a spinach addict, I admit. I will eat it out of the bag on the way home. Pk rarely sees it for dinner because if I buy it, it might not make it home. And yet, sometimes my energy level drops and the leafs go bad.

Hm. If I had a juicer, I could juice the leafs and drink them.
Hm. Single auger juicer, $300. Not happening. Woofy wants a bike.
But while I was looking at those I found some manual juicers. You know woofy - he would live totally off the grid if not for the internets. Woofy has hand crank everything, including a clothes washer.

Long story about choosing and testing a juicerCollapse )

So, for an investment of $20 plus $3 plus $6 plus $3 (for wheat berries) I tried wheatgrass juice. I am sure I will use the juicer, just not sure if I will do wheatgrass more than every so often.

Did I mention that we have niblets?

We got one cat fixed but the other we did not catch in time. So we have four niblets. One is unclear but the other three seem to be boys.

This is the day after the night they were born.


Manglish Scissors

Here's my latest must buy. I've gone back to being on a budget so I had to get the smallest ones. They are supposed to be stainless steel (which nonetheless in Florida will rot), and they are a very nice bonsai scissor like construction.

However, the selling points are:
Flagship Version Family Scissors
Pursue to have no the destination, only the excelsior
A Enterprise Towards World Famous

And finally, a look at the small print:
Infinite creativity, beautiful living, classic, nostalgia, innovation

It's so almost that I can't figure it out. Doesn't help that I am on Hawaii time and on the tail end (literally) of babysitting a recovering kitten.

manglish scissors

Tongue Twisters

My contribution for the day:

Perry picked a pretty pack of cribbage pegs.

Feel free to add yours...


It's just that good

It's Cabot Farmhouse reserve
I am an inveterate cheese eater - probably I eat as much cheese as I drink tea. Should have been born in the UK, right? It's probably why I get along better with Brits than with my "peers."
I've eaten some seriously sharp cheddar in my day, especially since I can eat it without fear of lactose or gluten. Usually I get the cheap stuff from Ireland or England - I know they don't send us their best. But I've had occasion to taste very good cheeses brought in by the snooty rich New England folks who frequent the "good" stores.
I got this cheese to put in my macaroni and cheese casserole - 3 parts cheese and one part all the other ingredients: a little bit of pasta and butter, milk and eggs. I could not bear to put this cheese into a casserole after I tasted it.
I gave some to Streaky, who is "my cat" of our feral kittens, and now she won't eat the cheap cheese - I dropped a bit on the floor; she turned her nose up at it and asked for more sharp. Normally she'll eat anything because it's been cold and the kids are always hungry.

Judging by the texture, the cheese isn't aged more than two years. It's not too crumbly and not seriously sharp. It does have a good bite and would go well with some kind of regular wine if 1) I could tolerate the stuff and 2) if I could bear to pair it with anything. I do have a port that I'm considering opening - I collect port and dessert wines and usually end up gifting them. But I could bring myself to drink a port with this cheese. If I can get some more, I might try it.

The casserole was not a bad fail with the lack of the sharp, but the previous one was - but more about that in the cook's fail club.




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